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Catching up with the week of April 19th

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More Thank you's to donor's and collaborations!!

This week we have more in camps that because of donations others found more comfort! Our team is almost horrified when we have people in their early 60's in camps, because pneumonia is a realistic concern! Gratefully, we pray that our friend doesn't come back to the camp and found his way back to the senior center. In distributing to families this week we have a different family we've never met that had a fire, whose friend is watching several kids! This is the 2nd fire family in a month so please.. PLEASE be careful. The update is for the first family is that they're inside and found a home along with the owners . Cleveland still has area's where even the drinking water has lead. As we looked for the improvements in Flint, Michigan we are becoming aware of area's that others can't drink from the faucet. This basic need is being compromised as we have a link showing area's. As we strive to help others with basic needs, water needs to be in this l…

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