Sharing Thank You's.

We wanted to take a minute to Thank Many today whose generosity has touched us, which then went to others. 

We need to share some Thank You's to;  Steve P. Alicemarie L.Mark L. Laura's HouseOnix Outreach The Church of Ascension's Margie Hildebrand and the A.U. groupThe Mentor Ladies Bible Study GroupThe Lantern CenterEthan Learn Lisa Drazil and family with St. Paul's Lutheran Church Michael MackowRiderz of the Reaper 

                            Thank You again for all of the help and or donations!

Helping others during a time of need with an " Open Door", Re- Entry Program .

When others are offered grace to restart a new life Sometimes a new beginning starts with a mustard seed of faith, and help from others This holiday we've been approached with a challenge. We have 12 men who for the holiday need some basic's. Not luxuries, basic's.
We've been blessed with people who've helped 5. We still have more to go.
#6 T. P.
Boots -13.
Coat -3x
#7. G.T.
Boots 8
Shirts- Lg/ We have
Coat Lg/ We have
#8. K.F.
Boots- 8 1/2
Pants - 32/32
Shirts-Med/ We have
Coat Med
#9 K.G.
Boots - 11
Pants -38-32
Shirt-XL/ We have
Coat-XL / We have
#10 A. S.
Boots - 10 1/2
Pants 40-30
Shirts -2x
Coat 2X
#11 C.W.
Boots 12
Pants 40/32
Coat 2x
#12. J.S.
Boots -11
Jeans 44/32
Coat 3x

Michelle Valazquez

We would like to take a moment and pause for Julie Adam's and the Family and Michelle Valazquez, who donated some clothing and items of honoring their daughter.

The family took time to donate some clothing and get some for our families in and outside. We have been touched by them thinking of us during the anniversary date, and the clothing has already been donated to a family of 10.

The family is a newer family for us and with 10 from 10 months to 18, clothing in beautiful shape is always appreciated! Our hope is that during this bitter sweet time, the celebration of children having more is comforting.

We Thank You Julie and your family for taking the time to think of us. 

Thank You St. Dominic Church

We Thank St. Dominic Church for another year of support with Jodie Bowers for the Advent Gift program, and Mary Foti through out the year. 

For too many trying to maintain basic essentials can be a struggle, and with your help more people can get through a little easier!  

We Thank you for the continued support and generosity!! 

2018 Holiday Bags beginning

We Celebrate 2018 Holiday's in being able to offer the       opportunity of another years holiday bags.    We celebrate; organizations, collaborations, and others who helped us to offer children and or youth who might not receive a lot this year with something that might be a nice gesture of the holiday spirit. In 2018 we've been blessed with: 
Calvary Church Hope for the Soul Lakewood United Methodist Church and many who attend Lisa Drazil and family with St. Paul's Lutheran Church Liz and Malachi HouseRoberta with LUMC Nancy- Carol- Rose Onix Outreach and Dianne NeedlesRiderz of the ReaperSt. Malachi CenterSteve and his Mom's groupand many others whose donations has helped. 

Holiday Blessings 2018

Our Lady Help of Christians

These are some photo's from Our Lady Help of Christians for another year of blessings that are offered to us in blessing our family outside safer in the below temperatures.
Please click on " Read  More", to view some of the photo's with us. 

Offer aid with the help of Brian Hare- Brooklyn School- Brittany Hare with Lularoe

Offering Aid to others . 
Hunger is an on going issue as so many good people struggle in getting through the day with enough to eat. 1 out of every 6 adults according to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank , and 1 out of every 5 children in Ohio struggle with hunger.
We would like to pause to express our gratitude to; Brian Hare and Brooklyn City School- Key Club- and his wife Brittany Hare with Lularoe whose donations will go into helping many! Proteins are a struggle for us to maintain, because they cost more than noodles and other foods. We celebrate with you the people who will have more, as well as balancing nutrition at the same time.  Good Work Everyone!!!