This week

We'd like to share our gratitude to; Chris, John with Holy Angles and a new gentleman Arron who we met tonight doing something really good!! 

More Thank you's to; Steve and Janis this week who also have been active in helping us!!!

Past few days

We at Trials for Hope continue to be blessed by sharing our daily path with others to walk with us, as we try to help others whose basic needs continue to have challenges. 
We celebrate many the past few days from; Sobriety In Motion, Cole and Griffin, Riderz of the Reaper, The Lantern Center, Holy Angels Church, City Mission, a great class from the P.E.P. program and from our team with; Jim, Nancy, Chris, Steve and Janis who just worked so hard! Thank you!! 

We celebrate the Generosity from Onix Outreach!!

Onix Outreach

God gives us some very special people who see the good,.. the bad... and the ugly and through this Onix Outreach continues to walk with us to support our outreach and share the path of service with us and many others. 
Dianne Needles has walked with us for a few years from assisting with community meals to families in need of more. 
To have people believe in what you do is a priceless experience, and Dianne who helps so many throughout Cleveland again blesses us! If you are keeping up with our blog's, please visit Onix Outreach to see just a glimpse of what they do... Whatever you see couldn't begin to offer an awareness on the thousands of lives that she and her team have touched through out the years! 

Luke 311

Thank You as we celebrate another day!!

Our Thank you to Malachi House as we weekly appreciate walking with you in helping others together with what you might not need at the moment!!!

Our Thank You's to John with Holy Angels Church who sure helps Tuesday's run smoother for us!! Also, we celebrate the Luke:311 Program tonight with Calvary UMC in visiting with our family outside to know that even a few do not spend one night alone in not knowing how valuable they are!

Luke:311 Notes
The trailer made its inaugural run on June 27 with representatives of the six partner churches; Lakewood Calvary, Church of the Saviour, Fields, Garfield Hts., Pearl Road and Pleasant Hills United Methodist Churches. During that evening 145 meals were handed out to residents at Lakeview Terrace ( low income housing facility ) and a nearby homeless encampment. As of October 16, 2017 over 1500 meals have been distributed. The 311 partnership has developed a working relationship with Care Alliance ,…

Mayfield Church

We would like to take time to Thank Mayfield Church for helping us this month in organizing. 

first week in January

We at Trials for Hope would like to offer our gratitude to many who walked with us this week as we've had some blessings from walking with; Alisha and her family in helping us with our community meal, along with Mary, Gunther, Nancy, Carol, Steve, Alice and others from the meal that helped with clean up! 

This week we also need to so far Thank; Malachi House, Laura's House , Lisa D. and St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Jan with Aimsted UCC for donations. 
In walking with us; John and his wife Eileen with Holy Angles Church, Jim, Steve, Janis, Nancy, A.J., Larry, Jammy, Rev. Laura and family, Sue, Riderz of the Reaper sure have made such a difference in our week and we Thank You as well!! 
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Just some photo's through out the year.