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Offer aid with the help of Brian Hare- Brooklyn School- Brittany Hare with Lularoe

Offering Aid to others . 
Hunger is an on going issue as so many good people struggle in getting through the day with enough to eat. 1 out of every 6 adults according to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank , and 1 out of every 5 children in Ohio struggle with hunger.
We would like to pause to express our gratitude to; Brian Hare and Brooklyn City School- Key Club- and his wife Brittany Hare with Lularoe whose donations will go into helping many! Proteins are a struggle for us to maintain, because they cost more than noodles and other foods. We celebrate with you the people who will have more, as well as balancing nutrition at the same time.  Good Work Everyone!!! 

Trials for Hope Video 2017 Tials for


Holy Angels help to deliver to our family .

Thank You to Holy Angels and to Julia for walking with us. We celebrate the unity as well as some beautiful knit hats from Cathie Davidson from a 501C-3 Close Knit Friends.

Ohio Guidestone helping us to help others.

Recent Special Thank You's to:
Ohio Guidestone with;  Amy Herron, Jessica Forbes class and Lauren Peticca's Classes who took time to help us help others!

We also have more Thank You's to share with : 
Pastor Matt and his other church who donated items to also help us help others. 

Holiday Bags from Our Lady Help of Christians

We'd like to take a moment to pause and thank Father Ed and the congregations of Our Lady Help of Christians Parish in Lodi, Seville, Nova and Litchfield for having us come to ask for support with another year's Holiday Bags to help our brothers and sisters who live outside.

Every year for the past 4 years we have been invited to speak and graciously you have donated to us and put together (with the help of Teresa and Skip Beyler) the bags that have offered 500 of our outside family comfort.

We Thank You for the continued generosity!

Trials for Hope Fish Fry/Canned Food Drive

We wanted to say a Thank You to Riderz of The Reaper and Eddie Sabbath with Eddie's Club for hosting this years Fish Fry/Canned Food Drive at Eddie's Club.  We also would like to thank Nick Montague and his non-profit as well. 
We thank all of the clubs who participated along with Riderz of the Reaper such as Zulus from Lorain, Iron Disciples MA , Brother Bond RC, Disturbing Da Streets MC and more...